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Custom Application-
Agriculture is under intense economic and environmental pressure today. The high cost of pesticides and the need to protect the environment are incentives for applicators to do their very best in handling and applying pesticides.  This is exactly why DOVE Ag Services are the leaders in farm application. We own and operate four Hagie sprayers with "Ag Leader" technology. This allows us to offer an application service to our customers that is quick and accurate. 

Automatic boom shut-off gives our applicators the precision and accuracy to minimize spray overlap. This means we are able to deliver the best value to our customers. The Hagie sprayers that we operate are equipped to spray 20 or 30 inch rows allowing us the flexibility to work with our farmers and their needs. If you are looking for a fast, cost effective solution to your spraying contact us today.

Pesticides, Fertilizers, Foliar & More-
DOVE Ag Services, Inc is a full service company. We have products and solutions for all agricultural needs.
Dove Ag Services offers a wide range of products from fertilizers to pesticides & fungicides. We stock a large selection of products at our facilities and work with a number of distrubutor's for quick access to additional products. Our facilities offer a place for farmers to come for information and sound agronomical support. 

Safety Awareness-
Customer support is provided in the form of seminars which are conducted on a regular basis throughout the year wherein all stake holders are invited to discuss and enhance safety measures for handling chemicals.


Crop Doctor- Crop Advisory and Scouting
Our Crop Doctors are our in-house experts who can assist with advise on correct application of chemicals as well as scouting crops throughout the growing season to identify any pests, diseases and nutrient deficiencies.


Customer Communications-
We communicate new information and alerts to our customers through regular contact with clients as well as monthly newsletters & our up-to-date website.

DOVE Ag Services is proud to partner with  the most innovative and up-to-date seed distributors around. Our seed offers a wide range of genetics that will fit most any ground needs. Different trait options allow us to customize a seed program to maximize your yield potential.







“Herbicide selection gets more complicated every year. Farmers need to keep up on more information than ever before.  An increasing number of growers are turning that job, along with the spraying, over to people they can trust like the DOVE Ag Services staff.”

"Thanks Gang! You're the best! Those DF Beans came up better than any bean on the farm!"
-Chris Densmore



Sarah C. Scouting the test plot


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